• Matheus Vargas é Campeão da Copinha!
    Matheus Vargas is Champion Copinha!

    Half wins her second title in just four months in Corinthians!

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Paixão pela Ponte e torcida por meia do RB Brasil dividem família Scarpa

Passion for Bridge and twisted by half of RB Brazil share family Scarpa

Seo Zezo will leave a little aside the affection by Macaca to support the ...

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Sub-17 definida para o Sul-Americano do Paraguai

Sub-17 set to the South American Paraguay

After a year and a half working with the generation of players born in 1998 and ...

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Agenda Think Ball

Schedule Think Ball

Check out the schedule of games of the round!

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Jadson permanece no Corinthians

Jadson remains in Corinthians

The Sport Club Corinthians Paulista announces that Jadson half will remain at the club until the ...

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Agora empresário, Fábio Costa visita Modesto e se reaproxima do Santos

Now businessman, Fabio Costa visit Modesto and reconnecting Santos

Former goalkeeper manages the office of a group of agents in Santos and was in ...

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O fardo de Pará: rodagem e cabeça boa são armas para substituir Léo

Para burden: Shooting and good head are weapons to replace Léo

Right-back, who assumes the post left by idol, believed to have "shell" for the hard work ...

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Felipe treina em escola de goleiros, conta drama do afastamento no Fla e pede respeito a Leo Moura: ‘Que saia pela porta da frente’

Felipe trains in goalkeeping school, account clearance drama in Fla and asks about the Leo Moura, 'What exit through the front door'

Even unemployed, Felipe has had intense morning. First, gym. Then private practice in the soccer school of ...

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Com direito a golaço de Patrick, Caxias derrota o Aimoré e se recupera no Gauchão

Entitled to Patrick's great goal, Caxias defeat the Aimoré and recovers in Gauchão

Leo Carioca, a penalty, scored the other goal in garnet win the 2 1 ...

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[J26] Khazri, Mariano et Sala dans l’équipe type

[J26] Khazri, Mariano et dans l'équipe room type

Figurent dans l'équipe type cette semaine L'Equipe Son Mariano, Wahbi Khazri concernant Bordeaux, et Emiliano ...

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Think_Ball For classic, @avaifc Marquinhos wins "crazy to play" and well physically #globoesporte http://t.co/X9pN8M0Xd9 http://t.co/0sx5PUC355
Think_Ball There was no pressure, they brought the proposal and left me to decide quiet, "Jadson (@jadson10_ ). http://t.co/oUwPRWv2p8
Think_Ball Jadson (@jadson10_): "I have been there almost 10 years with my business and are extraordinary people (...) http://t.co/VCFHqT0fGr
Think_Ball Jadson (@jadson10_): "At first I was a little thoughtful and on the fence Then I heard friends and family.". http://t.co/1lXbC3PqNQ


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Birthdays of the Month

Congratulations to the birthdays of the month of March!

Hakan Redzep - 02
Diego Cardoso - 06

Caio Junior - 08
Emiliano Marcondes - 09

Fernando Braz - 13
Alex William - 18
Andreas Maxso - 18

Gabriel Ramos - 20

Pedro Ken - 20
Mario Giovane - 23
Iago - 23

Frederik Simson - 24